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  • Bharati Vidyapeeth University is an academic institution with social commitment. It has made high quality education available to a large number of students through its constituent units. The University is aware that almost 90% of the prospective students, belonging to the college going age-group i.e. 18-23 years, do not get opportunities for higher education because of numerous difficulties, such as, residential locations in rural and tribal areas, financial constraints, and other personal time limitations on account of employment or household chores etc.

    Considering that it is its responsibility to provide educational opportunities to such deprived students – rural, tribal, poor and women population, the University has established the School of Distance Education. Through this School, the University makes high quality education available to the students. The School makes available all the necessary amenities to the students enrolled with it to accelerate their self learning.

    Besides providing high quality education to its students, the school has also certain other objectives such as

    • To promote the culture of self learning, continuing and lifelong learning in the society.
    • To accelerate individual development and personal productivity through skill development.
    • To relieve the students from the constraints of time and place while learning.

    System of Learning

    Besides providing high quality higher education to its students the school has also certain other objectives : They are -
    • To promote self learning, continuing and life long learning culture in the society,
    • To accelerate individual development and personal productivity through the training of skill developing practices,
    • To relieve students from the constraints of time and places of learning.

    Network of Academic Study Center

    The efficiently organized and managed study centeres are an essential component of the Distance Education Mode. The Bharati Vidyapeeth University has established 9 study centeres in its own constituent units located in Pune, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolhapur, Solapur, Karad and Sangli, which is a unique feature of our School. These centeres function as an interface between the University and students and work as a collaborator in effective programme delivery. The following facilities are provided at all the study centeres :
    • Subject specific and general academic counseling by the senior academies.
    • Excellent Library facilities
    • Conduct of assignments, tutorial sessions / seminars and University examinations
    The academic programmes are conducted in collaboration with faculties of Bharati Vidyapeeth University institutions where these study centeres are located. These Institutions have excellent buildings and infra structural facilities including state of the art learning resources. Through decades of excellent educational inputs and academic ambience, these institutions have emerged as vibrant learning campuses in their areas. Through the academic counseling, seminars / tutorial sessions at local centeres, continuous monitoring of the students learning is ensured. This works as an important motivating factor for a learner to learn. The Academic Co-ordination Unit for the Programme concerned is created for monitoring the programme most effectively.

    Mode and Delivery of Programmes

    This system essentially involves self learning by the student through the specially prepared reading and other material which is provided to the student besides other sources of knowledge. At the academic study centere the student is provided with tutoring, subject counselling, special seminars and library facilities; assignments for evaluation and tutor comments. The support services at the centere motivate the learner in career development and for further education. Text books are made available in the Library at the centere for supplementary reading. Facilities available at the centere are used for the computer practicals. In the field work activity, guidance of subject experts is available at the study centere. Every care is taken throughout the duration of the programme to see that the learner is not left alone on his own.

    Personal Contact Sessions/Seminars

    The Personal Contact Sessions and Seminars are conducted at the Academic Study Centres during the holidays (including Sundays or Saturdays and public holidays). It is an attempt to provide guidance to students in solving their academic difficulties.

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