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Important Information for students

  • The candidate seeking admission to any programme should have completed 18 years of age as on the date of admission.
  • The candidate once admitted will be treated as a registered student of the University and he / she will have to abide by its rules and regulations.
  • Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) ID is compulsory.
  • The candidate after admission will be assigned to an Learner Support Centre as far as possible, of his/her choice through which he/she will get services such as counselling, library and lab facilities etc. The internal evaluation will be done and University examinations will be conducted at the allotted centre.
  • SDE will offer only those subjects which are taught in Regular Mode.
  • For detail syllabus student should visit our website.
  • We will conduct the Personal Contact Programmes (PCP) / Contact Classes through Online / Offline mode as an when required or as per demand by the student.
  • No separate correspondence will be made for conduction of PCP by SDE and Learner Support Centre.
  • Self Learning Material provided by SDE will be in English language only. SDE is not liable to provide the aforesaid material in any other form or in other language.
  • SDE will not provide self learning material for Open Courses of any Programme.
  • SDE will provide the guidelines only for Project Report subjects.
  • Students are requested to intimate change of their communication address immediately to SDE and to their respective Learner Support Center. The SDE and Learner Support Centres will not be responsible for non receipt of any communication or material by the student , if the change of address is not communicated to SDE and to their respective Learner Support Centre immediately.
  • The School of Distance Education or the Learner Support Centre will not be responsible for delay or loss in transit of any communication or material.
  • Information related to programme fees, examinations, Personal Contact Programme (PCP) etc. will not be sent to the students by post. Student should visit the website regularly for the updates and/or student should be in contact with their Learner Support Centre regularly for the updates.
  • SDE and Learner Support Centres reserve the right to send or forward any information to the students on their personal mobile number / Email at any point of time. Complaints of any kind by students will not be entertained in this regard.
  • Management reserves the right to schedule classes solely at its discretion and availability of teaching resources and other things.
  • Students have to arrange for their travel and accommodation at their own cost and will wherever required.
  • SDE reserves the right change the structure of existing syllabus in any of the programme at any point of time or stop further admission in any of the programmes at any point of time.
  • SDE and Learner Support Centres will not send any information to its Ex-students or repeater students.
  • Student can not resubmit the Home Assignements to SDE Learner Support Centres for improvement of marks once Home Assignements submitted by the student.
  • There is no provision for revaluation and verification of Home Assignments / Field Work Diary.
  • Assistance will be provided to secure placements for students; no guarantees are being made regarding the same.
  • Any disputes that may arrives are subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of the Pune city.
  • SDE reserves the right to add / remove / edit any terms or conditions solely at its discretion.
  • It is the student's responsibility to read and the familiar with the policies and regulations as laid down in this brochure. In case of any dispute, ignorance of regulations can not be used as an excuse.
  • Provided that no end semester examination or term end examination shall be held in a subject unless the student has minimum attendance of 75 per cent. in the programme specific Personal Contact Programme (excluding counselling) and lab component of each of the programmes.
  • The students are advised that they should be regularly in contact with the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) School of Distance Education for changes (if any) to avoid any inconvenience.

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